Bedtime Read & Rhyme Bible Stories

Bedtime Read & Rhyme Bible Stories

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Send your little ones drifting off to sleep with Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories, full of over 90 whimsical, rhyming stories and beautiful illustrations of their favorite Bible characters!

About the Book

Our God cares for us so much—His love is everywhere! If He sees one heart in need, His love will be right there. 


When Jesus finds a lamb who’s lost,

He sings a happy song!

“My lamb is safe now in My arms,

Where all My sheep belong!”   


Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories offers more than 90 stories from the Old and New Testaments told in delightful, rhyming verse, along with Bedtime Prayers that help young readers grasp and apply each message.

Tuck in your child with rhyming reminders of God’s great love!